The wallet for
the people, entrepreneurs, developers, students, you

The ultimate crypto wallet experience for the Web, with native NFT and token features, powered by Cardano Blockchain and an ecosystem of third party applications


Focus On What Really Matters

Whether you use it daily, study or build with it, GameChanger Wallet seeks to be useful for you by solving all those obstacles that keep you away from your goals


Avoid wasting time setting fees, minimun ADA values, manually calculating if you have enough funds or searching for token's and NFT's fingerprints for sending assets. Colored cards and wallet gamification to the rescue! Multiple NFT minting based on file drag and dropping.
Simply a wallet for humans.


Identify tokens minted under the same monetary policy by comparing their avatars. The wallet turns your balance into a gamified inventory where you can pick the assets you want and distribute them to other addresses. You can mint NFT collections or run amazing NFT drops with a similar user interface.
A language on it's own.


Responsive, it adapts to all your devices. Fees, minimun ADA values, automated NFT metadata generation for collections, review-stages prior to any transaction sending for the user to audit, one-click DAPP connections, automatic DAPP connector code generation.
We do it all for you, so you can focus on what really matters.


Learn about Cardano the fun way. Explore transaction's UTXO model with visual representations. Build transactions as powerfull as the ones you can build with cardano-cli using Playground to code and live-try JSON-based GameChanger Scripts. Use our Testnet wallet to learn by breaking! Use the Playground built-in demos and end up minting and using metadata in seconds.
We care about tomorrow's builders


Send advanced multi-asset, multi-output transactions with the same gamified interface. Run professional NFT drops to many addresses on the same transaction, mint NFT's out of any file type, (images, videos, pdfs, etc..) IPFS, Arweave, SHA256 hash support. Code dead-simple GameChanger Scripts or clone the built-in demos and test your DAPP integrations within the same wallet.


We seek to break prejudices about web wallets using the best security measures available in the browser. We promote the use of read-only mode, isolate keys within Web Workers, and much more.
This is an alpha release and things may break, we encourage you to use the wallet carefully while we improve it for you. Please use it with caution!

Focus on Creating, Make a Living, Learning, Building, Participating, Helping, Voting

Let's Change This Game Together

Main Features

Create, Import and Switch Between Wallets

Create and import 15-word passphrases. Switch between your opened Cardano wallets.

Multi-Asset, Multi-Output Sending

Send a single asset (ADA, native token or NFT) to a single address or make bulk payments to several addresses at once with any combination of ADA, tokens and NFTs per address; all with the same ultra-simple visual interface.

Simple and Professional NFT Minting

From single NFT to professional collection drops, GameChanger Wallet got you covered at an affordable price. A single form to rule them all, and individual forms to customize each NFT metadata. Drag and Drop interface with any-file-type support, not just images. Reordering. Review stage. IPFS and Arweave upload + SHA256 hashing. (service availability may vary)

Use and Create DAPPs

Consume your favourite Cardano Decentralized Applications with a single click. Accumulate several DAPP actions into your DAPP Cart and review them later. Selling, minting, etc. Creating on Cardano has never been easier. Use the built-in Playground code editor with starter demos to create your own DAPP connections in minutes, even if you are not a developer, you will find it really simple. Let's turn Cardano into the Blockchain of the Web!

About Us

We are a small team that borned with the building barriers of undeveloped countries and the ones of the Cardano Blockchain's rising ecosystem. We are committed to lower the entry barrier of users, students and builders who want to see their dreams materialized on this young but amazing 3rd Generation Blockchain.


Dandelion APIs

This community project helps developers make their first steps by providing Cardano Blockchain APIs for prototyping and building. We have come so far thanks to their infrastructure efforts as for undeveloped countries such as ours, cloud hosting costs are a huge barrier. We are looking actively into ways of helping each other and others even more. Stay tunned for news about this and support Dandelion APIs and us on Project Catalyst with your votes to help us grow and help other nascent projects like GameChanger.

We Need You

Join us on the journey to discover how your ideal wallet should be like by using this MVP Release for the Cardano Community and let us know what you feel. This is an early release, use it with caution as things may break.

We are planning great things and for that we will much appreciate you vote us on upcoming Fund of Project Catalyst to make them posible.

If you want to support us, you can do it by using our built-in NFT Creator feature. Also if you like our work and you want to see more of it, we accept donations.

App Screenshots

Help us to develop further!

Whether you are a developer looking for building on top of Cardano or a regular wallet user, we'd like to make GameChanger Wallet your fav choice. And for that, we've proposed to receive Cardano Catalyst funding to develop the features you requested the most. Find below our proposals and also some other stuff we consider essential for GameChanger to flourish, like Dandelion!


Project Catapult: None left behind

Problem statement: Most of the epic community efforts done by CAs, VCAs, voters, organizers and proposers on each Fund are used once. Many projects get stalled.

Proposed solution: Let the community save curated, not-funded projects by catapulting them forward with donations and other mechanisms. Lets improve our dApp

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GameChanger: SmartContract Support

Problem statement: GameChanger has no-code DAPP connector since months. Shelley DAPPs are posible, but Goguen DeFi era using the same JSON API is needed.

Proposed solution: We will research and add smart contract support aiming to provide the easiest posible DAPP integrations to help onboard builders & students.

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GameChanger: Hardware Wallets support

Problem statement: Our feature rich, Cardano unleasher wallet is not yet compatible with Ledger or Trezor HW wallets. This affects user onboarding and trust.

Proposed solution: We will research and build Trezor and Ledger support to enhance our rich feature set with extra security, for users and dapp builders.

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GameChanger: Most wanted features

Problem statement: GameChanger users requested lots of features that have been addressed, but we're delayed on other key features we want to prioritize.

Proposed solution: We have listened to you GameChangers! And we propose to focus on the features that you've requested the most.

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GameChanger: Spanish and Portuguese

Problem statement: GameChanger wallet focus on developing countries' users, but lacks i18n. We want to break that barrier to onboard, especially, LATAM users.

Proposed solution: Integrate commonly used i18n and translations in spanish and portuguese for our main product, GameChanger Wallet.

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GameChanger CLI: ready2use outputs

Problem statement: gamechanger-dapp-cli tool is able to generate URL and QR codes, but it doesn't provide ready-to-integrate snippets for HTML, react, node...

Proposed solution: We propose to extend current URL and QR code generation from GCScripts, with plain HTML, React and Nodejs snippets.

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GameChanger: Dandelion Deployment

Problem statement: GameChanger used Dandelion Community Service to bootstrap, then its own deploy, and it now needs to scale up to support its growing adoption.

Proposed solution: We propose to grow LATAM adoption and contributing back to Dandelion network by deploying 3 nodes in this region.

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Cardano Totem: Onboarding the World

Problem statement: Users living in under-developed areas stand to benefit from Cardano the most. Yet lack the infrastructure to use this new technology.

Proposed solution: A counter-top device for on-boarding, which prints a paper wallet. Using this receipt a user can interact with Cardano in a central location

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Dandelion: Grow Dandelion, Grow SPO businesses

Problem statement: There are few-to-none solutions for SPOs to do professional Cardano API deployments that can help them to generate extra revenue streams.

Proposed solution: We propose to keep our community service, which will provide SPOs with an option to be rewarded and to bootstrap new API hosting businesses.

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LacedWhales: Gamify Twitter bot

Problem statement: Driving ADAption through Twitter beyond talking price is not usually done and it can be a great viral, amplifier.

Proposed solution: GameChanger wallet allows interacting with Cardano via HTTP links, we propose to gamify this bot using it to try to go viral on Twitter.

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